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I really like this photo of tryptic because it has surrealism. Its very eye catching and the separate pieces has so many details that if you look closer you will find something new each time. This photo also tells a story of a girl.



One invention that I think is very important was camera obscura tool because that’s what began the thought for a camera. With it being made that created the thought for inventers to make something that capture a point in time without having to draw it. Another invention that was a big step in the photography world was in 1834 when Henry Fox Talbot created perinate images know as negatives. This really gave people the ability to capture a moment in time or have a picture of someone.

In 1889 was when using rolls of film rather than paper came into play and that changed a lot because it made pictures last longer and have better quality. This helped inventers start making polaroid’s and cameras with film. Lastly in 1917 Nixon came out with their first camera which was established in Japan. I think this was the start to technology with cameras becoming digital in the future.





This photo shows that Gandhi is using this spinning wheel to make his own clothes because he didn’t want to by goods from the British. He did this because the British held him prisoner from 1932 to 1933. He was trying to encourage his countrymen to also make their own homespun cloth instead of buying British goods. This photo interests me because it shows Gandhi’s determination. It also shows that people will sacrifice everything to prove something.
This photo is about the greatest baseball player retiring named Babe Ruth also known as Sultan of Swat or the Great Bambino. By 1948, Babe Ruth had been out of the game for more than a decade and was struggling with terminal cancer. So, when the beloved Bambino stood before a massive crowd on June 13 to help celebrate the silver anniversary of Yankee Stadium—known to all in attendance as the House That Ruth Built, it was clear this was a final public goodbye. I think this phot is interesting because my dad loves baseball and would always talk about Babe Ruth and how he’s a legend. Also, in the photo you can see that Ruth was sad to say goodbye.
This photo shows the biggest and most successful music band known in history having a Pillow fight. The band is The Beatles. This shot was taken in Paris by Harry Benson in 1964. The photography initially didn’t want to take these photos because he was supposed to do a news story in Africa. I think photo is interesting because I mean I love the Beatles their music are classics and so good. Also, I just grew up on listening to them. This photo just looks like they were having a blast.


1. spontaneous
2. loving
3. caring
4. energetic
5. self motivated
6. athletic
7. talkative
8. listener
9. creative
10.straight forward
11. awkward at times
12. jokester
13. hangry
14. moody at times
15. perfectionist
16. indecisive
17. funny
18. laugher
19. opinionated
20. procrastinator
21. chill
22. drama free
23. adventurous
24. gullible
25. open minded

Meticulous photography

I really liked this picked and the reason it caught my eye was because it was so bright and colorful. I really like how the photography color coordinated the stamps because its visually pleasing. I also like how if you look closer in the photo you can the details on the stamps

Article about Action Motion

What I learned from the article was that if you want to capture blur motion you need to have a long shutter speed. However, if you want a motion picture with no blur than you need a fast shutter speed. A good way to have a feel of movement for your photo’s is to move your camera or have your subject move.  When shooting motion, you want to use Shutter Priority Mode because it gives you full access to your change shutter speed.

To help cut down the amount of light coming in the camera your going to want to adjust the aperture. If you use the Shutter Priority mode than it will automatically change the aperture, but manual mode will let you change the Aperture.  Another thing that will help with the light in your photos is Neutral Density Filter. It allows you to use a slower shutter speed and cuts down the light passing through the lens.


All About me Collage

For my All About Me Collage I put five things that represents something about me in totally different ways. I tried to make my collage look like the stuff that I like was coming to life through a black whole. The five things I chose was music, anime, soccer, Halloween, and Laker the basketball team.
The reason I chose music was because I literally can’t live without it. Every day I listen to music and its always there for me when I’m happy, sad, mad, and helps me with stress and anxiety. The music groups I put in my collage was BTS, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ. These groups are KPOP groups and I started listening to the about a year ago. These groups mean so mush to me because they’ve really taught me to have self confidence and not care what others think. Its crazy to think but, music really helps me be happier in life.
The next thing I put in my collage was anime, now I’ve been watching anime for about two years now and it was so hard to choose the ones I wanted to use, but I tried choosing ones that were really cool to watch. I love anime so much because it like helps me escape the real world and have imagination. I honestly watch anime every day because it’s the only shows I will really watch. The anime’s I chose was HunterXHunter, Attack on Titan, and Naruto. I chose these because they had amazing story lines and I really love the characters from these anime’s. It so cool how you get so connect to the characters in these anime’s and you can even see your self in them sometimes.
In addition, I put Halloween or scary movie characters. I choses this because I love Halloween so much, it’s my favorite holiday. I love going trick or treating with friends every year and watching scary movies. Halloween is memorable to me because every year I go to the Queen Mary Dark Harbor night, Knotts Scary Farm, and Horror Nights at Universal studios with my cousin Violet and it would be the two of us, so it was our way of bonding and having fun. She’s 21 and even though we have a five-year gap we are really close.
I put a soccer ball in my collage because growing up I played soccer. Ever since I was six, I played soccer and it meant everything to me. I love the Saturday and Sunday mornings of having a game at 8 or 10 and after either winning or losing me and my family would get breakfast. Playing soccer really made me happy and if I couldn’t do anything right with school or anything, I knew the only thing I knew for sure I can do right was soccer. Of course, I had my up and downs with soccer with braking my ankle twice to people telling me I wasn’t good enough, but that’s what made me a stronger person. And I still till this day play soccer.
The last thing I put in my collage is kind of hard to see but its at the edge of the black whole and it’s the Lakers logo. Now the LA Lakers are very important to me because it’s a family thing to go watch the basketball games. Growing up my parents would take me to the Stable Stadium to watch the Lakers play and I love it. We would go on Tuesday’s or Fridays after school and drive all the way to LA, eat at Hooters or The Yard House, and then go into the stadium to watch the Laker game and those moments are so precious to me. I was sad that we couldn’t go watch them because of COVID-19, but hopefully soon they open up the stadium to the public because I miss going with my family.