All About me Collage

For my All About Me Collage I put five things that represents something about me in totally different ways. I tried to make my collage look like the stuff that I like was coming to life through a black whole. The five things I chose was music, anime, soccer, Halloween, and Laker the basketball team.
The reason I chose music was because I literally can’t live without it. Every day I listen to music and its always there for me when I’m happy, sad, mad, and helps me with stress and anxiety. The music groups I put in my collage was BTS, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ. These groups are KPOP groups and I started listening to the about a year ago. These groups mean so mush to me because they’ve really taught me to have self confidence and not care what others think. Its crazy to think but, music really helps me be happier in life.
The next thing I put in my collage was anime, now I’ve been watching anime for about two years now and it was so hard to choose the ones I wanted to use, but I tried choosing ones that were really cool to watch. I love anime so much because it like helps me escape the real world and have imagination. I honestly watch anime every day because it’s the only shows I will really watch. The anime’s I chose was HunterXHunter, Attack on Titan, and Naruto. I chose these because they had amazing story lines and I really love the characters from these anime’s. It so cool how you get so connect to the characters in these anime’s and you can even see your self in them sometimes.
In addition, I put Halloween or scary movie characters. I choses this because I love Halloween so much, it’s my favorite holiday. I love going trick or treating with friends every year and watching scary movies. Halloween is memorable to me because every year I go to the Queen Mary Dark Harbor night, Knotts Scary Farm, and Horror Nights at Universal studios with my cousin Violet and it would be the two of us, so it was our way of bonding and having fun. She’s 21 and even though we have a five-year gap we are really close.
I put a soccer ball in my collage because growing up I played soccer. Ever since I was six, I played soccer and it meant everything to me. I love the Saturday and Sunday mornings of having a game at 8 or 10 and after either winning or losing me and my family would get breakfast. Playing soccer really made me happy and if I couldn’t do anything right with school or anything, I knew the only thing I knew for sure I can do right was soccer. Of course, I had my up and downs with soccer with braking my ankle twice to people telling me I wasn’t good enough, but that’s what made me a stronger person. And I still till this day play soccer.
The last thing I put in my collage is kind of hard to see but its at the edge of the black whole and it’s the Lakers logo. Now the LA Lakers are very important to me because it’s a family thing to go watch the basketball games. Growing up my parents would take me to the Stable Stadium to watch the Lakers play and I love it. We would go on Tuesday’s or Fridays after school and drive all the way to LA, eat at Hooters or The Yard House, and then go into the stadium to watch the Laker game and those moments are so precious to me. I was sad that we couldn’t go watch them because of COVID-19, but hopefully soon they open up the stadium to the public because I miss going with my family.


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