File Formats

JPEG: It’s the most commonly used file format for photos. Usually used if the photos are for personal use, social media, albums, and small prints.


TIFF: You can manipulate phots extensively on a photo editing software. Its also lets you print at the highest quality at a large size.


RAW: This is usually available on advanced compact cameras and has extensive options in post-processing and image manipulation.


DNG: It gives you the ability to use image processing software such as Lightroom and Photoshop.


PNG: It gives you lossless compression means good image quality It also has the ability to maintain transparency.


GIF: This file can contain animation and makes small file sizes so you can use it on the web.


BMP: Used for when you want to print an image saved with a high-quality format.


PSD: You can manipulate images extensively on separate layers and can be re-saved as another format.


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